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Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland 2016-19

Published: 26 Mar 2020
Housing and Social Justice Directorate
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Equality and rights

This publication presents estimates of the percentage of people, children, working-age adults and pensioners in Scotland living in poverty, and other statistics on household income and income inequality. These estimates are used to monitor progress in reducing poverty and income inequality.

Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland 2016-19
Annex C: Where to find more information

Annex C: Where to find more information

Associated tables and further analysis

This publication contains the headline poverty and income inequality statistics. The associated tables contain all data used in the charts as well as additional data, for example, the equivalent before-housing-costs estimates where charts only show after-housing-costs estimates. This publication and the associated tables are available here:

Additional relative and severe poverty and child poverty estimates including numbers, rates and compositions of those in poverty disaggregated by a wide range of personal and household characteristics are published as supplementary tables alongside this publication.

This and further analysis based on the FRS and HBAI datasets is published by the Scottish Government throughout the year on the Scottish Government's poverty and child poverty statistics webpages.

Additional analysis themes are based on the needs of users. If you have any suggestions for future analysis please email: or phone 0131 244 5851.

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