Planning applications statistics 2022/2023: quarterly (April 2022 to September 2022)

Statistics on planning applications and decision-making timescales for the first two quarters of 2022-2023. Data are collected as part of the Planning Performance Framework from local and planning authorities.

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6. Major Developments

6.1. All Major Developments

The number of decisions on major developments in the first two quarters of 2022/23 was relatively low at 121 (compared to 171 in the same period in 2019/20). Average decision times for applications without processing agreements were 30.1 weeks in Q1 and 50.1 weeks in Q2.

Chart 2: All Major Developments
A stacked column chart showing number of major applications decided in each quarter since 2018/19. Also a line chart of average decision times for major applications without processing agreements. The numbers were low in Q1 and Q2 of 2022/23. Average decision times fell from the peak in Q1 2021/22 to be more in line with pre-pandemic times over the last year.

In quarter one there were 16 major development applications with processing agreements, three-quarters (75%) met agreed timescales that had been set between developers and local authorities. In quarter two there were 30, 60% meeting the agreed timescales.

6.2. Major Housing Developments

There were 32 major housing developments not subject to processing agreements decided during the first two quarters of 2022/23. The average decision times were 33.4 weeks in Q1 and 39.5 weeks in Q2. These were in line with pre-pandemic decision times. There were 18 applications with processing agreements and the percentages with timescales met were high at 88% in Q1 and 70% in Q2.



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