Pesticide usage in Scotland: Grassland and Fodder Crops 2021

This publication presents information from a survey of pesticide use on grassland and fodder crops in Scotland during 2021.

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Table 28: Response rate - Fodder

  2021 % total
Target sample 200 100
Total achieved 182 91
Total number of refusals/non-contact 99  
Total number of farms approached 281  

Response rates

The table above summarises the number of holdings who were contacted during the survey.

Financial burden to farmers

In order to minimise the burden on farmers and to comply with the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the survey team used non-visit methods of collection such as email, post or telephone call.

The grassland survey was carried out by postal questionnaire, with a few follow-up telephone calls when required. The fodder survey was carried out by telephone and email.

All respondents to the grassland postal survey were asked how long it had taken for them to fill out the survey form. Out of 438 respondents, 408 provided this information (93 per cent). The median time taken to provide the information for the grassland survey was 10 minutes.

The time taken to provide the data requested was recorded for 181 respondents to the fodder survey (99 per cent). The median time taken to provide information for the fodder survey was 15 minutes.

The following formula was used to estimate the cost of participating:

Burden (£) = No. surveyed x median time taken (hours) x typical hourly rate*

(* using median "Full Time Gross" hourly pay for Scotland of £)(14).

The total financial burden, accounting for all farmers' participation in the 2021 grassland survey was £1093 and for the fodder survey was £727. Therefore, the overall financial burden to growers for 2021 survey participation was £1820.



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