Pesticide usage in Scotland: Grassland and Fodder Crops 2021

This publication presents information from a survey of pesticide use on grassland and fodder crops in Scotland during 2021.

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Table 9: Mode of action/chemical group of insecticide active substances on all grass and fodder crops - 2021

Area (ha) and weight (kg) of active substances for all crops

Mode of action Active substance Chemical group IRAC group Total grass and fodder 2021 Total grass and fodder 2021
        ha kg
Sodium channel modulators Deltamethrin Pyrethroid 3A 1,295 8
  Esfenvalerate Pyrethroid 3A 142 1
  Lambda-cyhalothrin Pyrethroid 3A 974 12
All sodium channel modulators       2,411 20
Other mode of action          
Chordontonal organ modulators - undefined target site Flonicamid Pyridine compound 29 136 10
All other modes of action       136 10
All insecticides       2,547 30
Area grown       4,395,840  

Note: active substances have been grouped by their mode of action. Full details on mode of action classification can be found on the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) webpage(10).



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