Asian hornet: pest-specific contingency plan

This plan sets out the role of the Scottish Government in response to a suspected or confirmed incursion of the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax) within Scotland: the actions to be taken as well as governance, roles and responsibilities.


1. Spread of invasive species into Scotland: study - (

2. BeeBase is the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s (APHA) National Bee Unit website, supporting Defra, Scottish Government and Welsh Government Bee Health Programmes and providing information for beekeepers across the UK. It contains information dedicated to identifying and reporting potential incursions of the Asian hornet to the Non-Native Species Secretariat (NNSS).

3. The Non-Native Species Secretariat has responsibility for helping to coordinate the approach to invasive non-native species in Great Britain. The NNSS is responsible to a Programme Board which represents the relevant governments and agencies of England, Scotland and Wales. It has a species alert page for the Asian hornet on its website containing an identification sheet as well as instructions for reporting sightings.

4. Sections 14D to 14O of the Wildlife and Countryside Act set out the provisions of Emergency Species Control Orders. Information about Emergency Species Control Orders can also be found on the Scottish Government website.



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