Asian hornet: pest-specific contingency plan

This plan sets out the role of the Scottish Government in response to a suspected or confirmed incursion of the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax) within Scotland: the actions to be taken as well as governance, roles and responsibilities.

Annex D Glossary

Abbreviation - Description

AH - Asian hornet

APHA - Animal and Plant Health Agency

BFA - Bee Farmers Association

CVO - Chief Veterinary Officer

DAERA - Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs

Defra - Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

EU - European Union

GB - Great Britain

NBU - National Bee Unit

NDCC - National Disease Control Centre

NHS - National Health Service

NI - Northern Ireland

NNSS - Non-native Species Secretariat

RPID - Rural Payments and Inspections Division

SASA - Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture

SBA - Scottish Beekeepers Association

SG - Scottish Government

SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures

SRO - Senior Responsible Officer

SRUC - Scotland's Rural College

UK - United Kingdom



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