Asian hornet: pest-specific contingency plan

This plan sets out the role of the Scottish Government in response to a suspected or confirmed incursion of the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax) within Scotland: the actions to be taken as well as governance, roles and responsibilities.


11. The aim and objectives of this plan are to protect insects and particularly pollinators such as the honey bee from the Asian hornet by:

a. Detecting its presence as soon as possible;

b. Intercepting and preventing its establishment;

c. Eradicating any incursion if considered practical;

d. Containing and controlling an incursion, if field evidence suggests that it is well established in a defined but limited geographical area;

e. Establishing long term management where eradication and control are no longer possible due to the number and extent of incursions; and

f. Aiding the beekeeping industry, pest controllers and local authorities in the form of training on pest and disease control



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