Peer support in perinatal mental health: evidence review

This internship project report reviews the evidence base for peer support in perinatal mental health, considering evidence of effectiveness, models of support currently in place and potential ways of further developing peer support in Scotland.

Annex 1: Search Strategy

Primary searches were undertaken through University of Glasgow Library Databases, covering Science Direct, PubMed, Scopus, Medline, National Institute for Clinical Excellence, PsycINFO and other databases accessible through Web of Science and EBSCO Host. Grey literature searches were undertaken on OpenGrey and ISI Web of Knowledge.

Keyword Table for Literature Search

Peer support                                                      

  • Peer*
  • Peer support*
  • Peer work*
  • Lived experience
  • Befriender


  • Perinatal
  • Peri-natal
  • Maternal
  • Maternity
  • Antenatal
  • Ante-natal
  • Postnatal
  • Post-natal
  • Parental
  • Very early years
  • Pre-birth
  • Post-partum
  • New parent


  • Evaluation
  • Evidence
  • Measurement
  • Report
  • Briefing
  • Summary
  • Statement

Mental Health

  • Mental health
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Recovery
  • Mental illness
  • Mental ill-health
Level 1 Search Results
No. Search terms Level 1 results
1 (perinatal) and (peer*) and (mental health) 14,418
2 (perinatal) and (peer*) and (mental health) and (evaluation) 8,740
3 (perinatal) and (peer support*) and (mental health) and (evaluation) 8,116
4 (perinatal) and (peer support*) and (mental health) and (evaluation) and (UK) 3,453
5 (perinatal) and (peer support*) and (mental health) and (evaluation) and (Scotland) 1,261



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