National Outcomes review 2023: consultation information pack

We want to hear from people and communities across Scotland about whether our National Outcomes continue to reflect the kind of Scotland we want to see. We would also like to hear about how the National Performance Framework could have a bigger impact.

What does the National Performance Framework do?

The NPF has four main roles:

Scotland's wellbeing framework

The National Outcomes set out the kind of Scotland we all want to see. The NPF brings together our aspirations for the social, cultural, environmental, economic and physical health of Scotland. It supports policy making that considers all of these aspects of wellbeing, collectively.

Collaboration and participation catalyst

The NPF aims to get everyone in Scotland working together towards shared outcomes. This includes national and local government, businesses, voluntary organisations, and communities. It provides a common purpose and shared vision for the whole public sector.

Provides our values

The values of kindness, treating everyone with dignity and compassion, respect for the rule of law and acting in an open and transparent way, will shape how we design policies, deliver services, and engage with people.

Measures success

The 81 National Indicators track Scotland's progress in meeting its National Outcomes. The indicators use data to understand how well Scotland is doing and help focus policies and resources to meet challenges. The NPF combines measurement of how well Scotland is doing in economic terms with a broader range of wellbeing measures, moving us beyond a focus on economic growth.



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