National Outcomes review 2023: consultation information pack

We want to hear from people and communities across Scotland about whether our National Outcomes continue to reflect the kind of Scotland we want to see. We would also like to hear about how the National Performance Framework could have a bigger impact.

National Outcomes

The last review of the National Outcomes was completed in 2018, and there are currently 11 Outcomes. These are that we:

  • Grow up loved, safe and respected so that we realise our full potential (Children);
  • Live in communities that are inclusive, empowered, resilient and safe (Communities);
  • Are creative and our vibrant and diverse cultures are expressed and enjoyed widely (Culture);
  • Have a globally competitive, entrepreneurial, inclusive and sustainable economy (Economy);
  • Are well educated, skilled and able to contribute to society (Education);
  • Value, enjoy, protect and enhance our environment (Environment);
  • Have thriving and innovative businesses, with quality jobs and fair work for everyone (Fair Work & Business);
  • Are healthy and active (Health);
  • Respect, protect and fulfil human rights and live free from discrimination (Human Rights);
  • Are open, connected and make a positive contribution internationally (International);
  • Tackle poverty by sharing opportunities, wealth and power more equally (Poverty).


In our children we see the best and worst of ourselves now and in the future. They are the measure of our worth as a nation. In this outcome we are dedicated to providing the essential conditions of love, respect and understanding through which our children can become the happy, fulfilled and successful adults they all have a right to be.


Our communities are shaped by the quality and character of the places we live in and the people we live among. In this outcome we recognise that to be healthy and happy as a nation we must nurture and protect our local resources, environments and all who live in them.


Scotland is a vibrant, modern country with a strong tradition of investment in the arts and creativity. We have world renowned festivals, music and film industries and a rich seam of storytelling and visual art which stretches back hundreds of years. In this outcome we honour, celebrate and support our creative talent in all its wonderful diversity.


We recognise that a strong, competitive economy is essential to supporting jobs, incomes and our quality of life. We also know that our economy must be environmentally sustainable, inclusive and benefit all our people and communities. Through this outcome we will create the conditions through which to achieve these commitments alongside economic growth.


We learn throughout our lives and find knowledge in varied and sometimes surprising places. Through learning we grow as individuals and as a nation, and as such, we must recognise and support excellence in teaching, research and innovation for all learners in all educational contexts.


Scotland is a beautiful country and we are blessed with abundant natural resources and architecture to rival the best in the world. Through this outcome we recognise that it is our duty to protect and enhance these assets as essential to our economy, culture, way of life and the wellbeing of future generations.

Fair Work and Business

Investing in the skills and creativity of our workforce, protecting workers rights and providing decent working conditions is the right thing to do. It also makes our economy more stable, productive and efficient. In this outcome we will provide the necessary legislative and operational structures to achieve this.


Our NHS is pivotal to our health and happiness as a nation and we are dedicated to supporting and equipping it to face the challenges it has now and in future. We also understand that our health is dependent on a wide variety of factors and actors and we therefore need to take a whole system approach to promoting good health and activity.

Human Rights

We recognise and protect the intrinsic value of all people and are a society founded on fairness, dignity, equality and respect. We demonstrate our commitment to these principles through the way we behave with and treat each other, in the rights, freedoms and protections we provide, and in the democratic, institutional and legal frameworks through which we exercise power.


Scotland has a long and proud history of intellectual, cultural and economic exchange. As we have carried our stories, talents and creations abroad so too we have welcomed and benefited from those of others. In this outcome we commit to fulfilling our obligations internationally, promoting our place in the world and deepening our relationships with others.


Scotland is a wealthy country and we have the resources, ability and commitment to provide a decent life for all our people. Through this outcome we will work together across political parties and sectors to identify and address the root causes of disadvantage and set in place the actions to eradicate poverty for good.



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