National Demand Optimisation Group (NDOG): demand optimisation in laboratory medicine - phase IV report

The National Demand Optimisation Group (NDOG) is a Scottish Government commissioned group. Its main objective is to reduce unwarranted variation in laboratory diagnostic testing, contributing to improved patient outcomes The group has recently completed its fourth phase of work.

Annex B: National Demand Optimisation Group Membership

Chair of the Group

Dr Bernie Croal, Consultant Chemical Pathologist, NHS Grampian

Scottish Government

Catherine Ross, Chief Healthcare Science Officer

Karen Stewart, Healthcare Science Officer

Raveena Sajjan, Strategy and Policy, CNOD

NHS National Services Scotland

Dr David Stirling, Director of Healthcare Science

Specialty Covered: Biochemistry


Dr Janet Horner, Consultant Biochemist

Dr Rebecca Pattenden, Consultant Biochemist

Dr Heather Holmes, Consultant Clinical Biochemist

Dr Sara Jenks, Consultant Clinical Scientist

Dr Chris Pitt, Principal Biochemist

Specialty Covered: Microbiology/Virology


Mike Gray, Laboratory Manager

Linda Mulhern, Operational Service Manager, Microbiology

Specialty Covered: Pathology


Dr Fiona Payne, Consultant Pathologist

David Topping, Clinical Lab Manager/Lead BMS

Specialty Covered: Haematology


Sonja Wright, Clinical Scientist

Sarah Dack, BMS Manager

Specialty Covered: Clinical Immunology


Dr Charu Chopra, Consultant Immunologist

Dr Liz Furrie, Clinical Scientist

Specialty Covered: Genetics/Molecular Pathology Consortia


Dr David Baty, Consultant Clinical Scientist

Caroline Clark, Consultant Clinical Scientist

Specialty Covered: NSS Programme Management / Programme Support


Liz Blackman, Senior Programme Manager, NSD

Philli Cottam, Programme Manager, NSD

Claire Lawrie, Senior Programme Manager, IMS

Gavin Hallford, Data Analyst, IMS

Dr Karl Hope, Programme Support Officer, NSD

Bina Collins, Programme Support Officer, NSD



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