National Demand Optimisation Group (NDOG): demand optimisation in laboratory medicine - phase IV report

The National Demand Optimisation Group (NDOG) is a Scottish Government commissioned group. Its main objective is to reduce unwarranted variation in laboratory diagnostic testing, contributing to improved patient outcomes The group has recently completed its fourth phase of work.

Annex E: NDOG Meetings Phase IV


23rd June: NDOG Steering Group meeting

16th July: Update at Laboratories Executive Board (LEB)

21st August: Presentation at Scottish Clinical Biochemistry Network (SCBN) Steering Group

26th August: Presentation at Haematology and Transfusion Scotland Network (HaTS) Steering Group

27th August: Update at LEB

2nd September: NDOG Steering Group meeting

3rd September: Update at Diagnostics in Scotland Strategic Group (DiSSG)

17th September: Update at Scottish Microbiology and Virology Network (SMVN) Steering Group

23rd September: Presentation and initial data discussion at Scottish Pathology Network (SPAN) Steering Group

24th September: NDOG Phase IV Blood Science Data Workshop

30th September: Meeting with Scottish Government Long Term Conditions (LTC) Team

22nd October: Update at LEB

2nd November: Update at DiSSG

19th November: Meeting with Scottish Government Long Term Conditions (LTC) Team

19th November: RCPath Achievement Awards Ceremony – NDOG a winner in 'Innovation in Pathology Practice' section

3rd December: NDOG Steering Group meeting

14th December: Update at LEB


25th January: Presentation at SPAN Data Workshop

3rd February: Presentation at Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMRC)

18th February: Update at LEB

23rd February : Presentation at SPAN Steering Group

24th February : Engagement at SCBN Data Workshop

3rd March: NDOG Steering Group meeting

10th March: Engagement at HaTS Data Workshop

11th March: Update at DiSSG

16th March: Presentation at SCBN Steering Group

23rd March: Scottish Government session - Atlas of Variation QI presentation and publication discussion

31st March: Presentation at HaTS Steering Group

6th April: Meeting with Heart Disease policy colleague in Scottish Government

12th April: Meeting with Neuro Pathology colleague in Scottish Government

22nd April: Meeting with Diabetes policy colleague in Scottish Government

22nd April: Update at LEB

4th April: Presentation at Genetics laboratories meeting

11th May: NDOG Steering Group meeting

12th May: Meeting with Scottish Government Long Term Conditions (LTC) Team

21st May: Advancing Healthcare Awards– NDOG a finalist in Scottish Government's category for 'Driving Improvement, Delivering Results'

25th May: Meeting with Diabetes policy colleagues in Scottish Government

27th May: Meeting with Scottish Government LTC Team Primary Care members



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