National Demand Optimisation Group (NDOG): demand optimisation in laboratory medicine - phase IV report

The National Demand Optimisation Group (NDOG) is a Scottish Government commissioned group. Its main objective is to reduce unwarranted variation in laboratory diagnostic testing, contributing to improved patient outcomes The group has recently completed its fourth phase of work.

Annex F: Phase IV Histopathology Data Collection (monthly, January 2019 onwards)

Overall Laboratory Totals

Total Requests

Total Blocks

Total Specimens

Breast Core Biopsy

Total Breast Core biopsy Requests

Total Breast Core biopsy Blocks

Total Breast Core biopsy Specimens

Colorectal Endoscopy Biopsy

Total Colorectal Endoscopy biopsy Requests

Total Colorectal Endoscopy biopsy Blocks

Total Colorectal Endoscopy biopsy Specimens

Prostate Core Biopsy

Total Prostate core biopsy Requests

Total Prostate core biopsy Blocks

Total Prostate core biopsy Specimens

Gallbladder Resection

Total Gallbladder resection Requests

Total Gallbladder resection Blocks

Total Gallbladder resection Specimens

Rectal Anterior Resection

Total Rectal Anterior Resection Requests

Total Rectal Anterior Resection Blocks

Total Rectal Anterior Resection Specimens

Breast Wide Local Excision

Total Breast Wide Local Excision Requests

Total Breast Wide Local Excision Blocks

Total Breast Wide Local Excision Specimens


Total Neuro Workload


Total slides



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