Neurological conditions national action plan 2019-2024: draft for consultation

Consultation on draft of our first national action plan on improving the care, treatment and support available to people living with neurological conditions and their carers.


5. The National Action Plan On Neurological Conditions is focused on adults (16 years and older), as there is separate work within Scottish Government considering how best to support children and young people with disabilities and their families. However, we recognise the importance of the transition period when young people move into adult services. This is an issue considered by the Ministerial Advisory Group for Disabled Children and Young People. Transition is also an issue for adults as they move to become users of services for older people, or move from their own home to residential or nursing care.

6. There are separate strategies already in place for stroke[5], dementia[6], and learning disability[7], so whilst these are neurological conditions, they are not specifically considered within this plan; although there are clear linkages especially in relation to access to care and support, short breaks, options to residential care, and a need for rehabilitation care and support to live well in the community.

7. We recognise the importance of other policy areas such as welfare, education, housing and employment to drive independence, health and wellbeing for people living with long term conditions including neurological. These issues are addressed in other government policy and are not within the scope of this plan.


Email: Colin Urquhart / Clinical Priorities

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