Neurological conditions national action plan 2019-2024: draft for consultation

Consultation on draft of our first national action plan on improving the care, treatment and support available to people living with neurological conditions and their carers.


1. The Scottish Government aims to help people sustain and improve their health, independence and wellbeing.

2. In 2003, it was estimated that there were about one million people in Scotland living with a neurological condition, of whom at least 10% were disabled as a result (Neurological Alliance of Scotland report, 2003)[1]. Neurological conditions account for up to 10% of acute hospital admissions[2], and 10% of the overall burden of disease in Scotland, as measured by disability-adjusted life years[3]. In this plan we have attempted to maintain as broad a view of neurological conditions as possible, accepting that it is unrealistic to specifically include every condition in which neurological symptoms might be expressed. Therefore this plan, and it’s commitments, are not condition-specific.

3. As part of our ambition to help people improve their health and wellbeing, we want everybody with a neurological condition to live well. In September 2017, the First Minister announced that, following discussion between the Minister for Public Health and Sport and the National Advisory Committee for Neurological Conditions, the Scottish Government had started work to develop Scotland’s first ever National Action Plan on Neurological Conditions.

4. We invited the NACNC[4]to undertake preparatory work and evolve the National Action Plan.


Email: Colin Urquhart / Clinical Priorities

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