Neurological conditions national action plan 2019-2024: draft for consultation

Consultation on draft of our first national action plan on improving the care, treatment and support available to people living with neurological conditions and their carers.

Implementation of the plan

68. This draft plan is ambitious and challenging. It has the potential to significantly improve the independence, health and wellbeing of people with neurological conditions across Scotland. However, to achieve our vision we need co-ordinated action across the Neurological Community.

69. We will consult members of the Neurological Community on the content of this draft plan, to make sure there is wide support for the commitments.

70. The National Action Plan on Neurological Conditions has a 5 year timescale and will be supported by an implementation plan that will identify key delivery partners such as Scottish Government Departments, Integration Authorities, NHS Boards and other organisations.

We will:

i. Consult the Neurological Community on the commitments in this plan.

ii. Develop a implementation plan to support delivery of the commitments over a 5-year period.

iii. Appoint a National Implementation Lead who will work to develop a national network of Local Implementation Leads in Integration Authorities and NHS Boards to help deliver the plan across Scotland.

iv. Invite proposals for testing new models of care and support from Integration Authorities, NHS Boards and third sector organisations.

v. Align the role of the National Advisory Committee for Neurological Conditions, to support the implementation of the National Action Plan.


Email: Colin Urquhart / Clinical Priorities

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