Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA) Scotland: national overview report 2016 to 2017

Report on the main national developments in relation to MAPPA in Scotland over 2016-17.

7.0 Health

NHS Boards have continued to fulfil their roles to co-operate with other agencies in the management of all MAPPA offenders, and have responsibility for the management of restricted mentally disordered offenders.

The NHS engages with MAPPA by having points of contact and representation in both strategic and operational management of MAPPA, attendance at MAPPA meetings, and for frontline staff to facilitate joint working between agencies. Most areas will have specific MAPPA health liaison officers. In some areas there are also specialist clinicians from forensic mental health engaged with MAPPA who consult on the management of high risk sexual and violent offenders.

The NHS Scotland Forensic Network has a Clinical Lead for MAPPA and hold an annual clinical forum. In 2016, this focussed on the extension of MAPPA to other risk of serious harm offenders and featured inputs from various areas and agencies with over 80 delegates representing NHS, Scottish Government, Police, Prison, Social Work, Third Sector and RMA. In 2017 the forum will focus on the 10th anniversary of MAPPA, by reviewing progress over the last decade and looking towards future developments and directions.


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