Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA) Scotland: national overview report 2016 to 2017

Report on the main national developments in relation to MAPPA in Scotland over 2016-17.

4.0 Extension of MAPPA to other risk of serious harm offenders

The Scottish Government extended the scope of MAPPA from 31 March 2016 to include offenders who are assessed by the Responsible Authorities as posing a risk of serious harm which requires an active multi-agency response to protect the public.

The current 2016 MAPPA guidance details identification criteria which was developed in consultation with the Responsible Authorities and MAPPA practitioners to ensure a focused application of the new category and applied, where evidence suggests, that a formal multi-agency approach is a proportionate response to the level of risk posed by certain offenders.

As of 31 st March 2017, 34 offenders were subject to the other Risk of Serious Harm category and implementation has been effectively progressed in each of Scotland's 9 MAPPA areas, overseen by SOGs and supported by the work of a National MAPPA Development Group. The extended arrangements have provided the Responsible Authorities with the ability to bring targeted expertise from multi-agency partners which are specific to those cases that require formal risk management, ensuring that resources are focused on those who present the greatest potential risk to communities.

The Scottish Government continued to provide funding to facilitate the delivery of the Risk Management Authority's ( RMA) Fundamentals of Risk Practice Course throughout 2016/17, which supports partnership practices in the identification and management of risk of serious harm.

The training which is delivered to Criminal Justice Social Workers and Offender Management Police Officers strengthens risk assessment and management practice developing consistent forms for multi-agency risk management plans which are incorporated in the MAPPA Guidance and support the national Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation ( FRAME).

For more information on FRAME visit the RMA website at:


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