Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA) Scotland: national overview report 2016 to 2017

Report on the main national developments in relation to MAPPA in Scotland over 2016-17.

5.0 ViSOR

The Scottish Government has continued to work with the Responsible Authorities to improve Local Authority usage of ViSOR.

ViSOR is the Home Office's recognised IT system designed to support MAPPA by assisting co-operative working between the Responsible Authorities in their joint management of individuals subject to the arrangements.

The Scottish Government in partnership with the Responsible Authorities has developed and supported the implementation of the ViSOR National Action plan to overcome barriers to the effective and efficient usage of ViSOR by Local Authorities as highlighted in the 2015 MAPPA Thematic Report.

During 2016/17, work has been carried out to deliver consistent communication with Local Authorities on the operational benefits of using the system and the process and importance of vetting. This includes the development of an information leaflet and a series of engagement events across the country for front-line ViSOR users, line managers and Chief Social Work Officers.

Local Authorities are encouraged to explore and engage with Police Scotland to re-locate terminals supporting improved and more efficient access for users.

Positive engagements with Social Work Scotland and Chief Social Work Officers has led to Local Authorities working towards the production of Local ViSOR Improvement plans which will aim to address and support localised solutions to improve ViSOR usage.

Future developments to further modernise the ViSOR system and improve connectivity with agencies' other case management systems is also being considered and will contribute to future improvement of information sharing practice within MAPPA.


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