Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) in Scotland: national overview report 2022-2023

The Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA), are a set of statutory partnership working arrangements introduced in 2007. This report provides an overview of the main national developments in relation to MAPPA during the reporting period from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.

6. Health

The roles and responsibilities of the NHS within the MAPPA framework are set out in the Management of Offenders etc. (Scotland) Act 2005.

On 31 March 2022 there were 304 restricted patients recorded on ViSOR as being managed under the MAPPA process in Scotland. Work began last year on the collation of restricted patients’ data nationally for annual reporting purposes with a view to ensuring that what is provided is meaningful and robust.

The Scottish Government continues to provide funding to the Forensic Mental Health Services Managed Care Network (the Forensic Network) to support engagement by

the NHS with MAPPA. The Forensic Network, through the Lead for Serious and

Violent Offenders, supports the NHS MAPPA work in a number of ways. These

include: attendance at National Strategic meetings on behalf of Health, for example,

those related to MAPPS and information sharing processes; chairing regular meetings with MAPPA Health liaison colleagues to share good practice; and undertaking specific MAPPA related pieces of work.

The Forensic Network also supports the MAPPA Clinical Forum, an annual

practitioner forum which has the objectives of “Networking, Education, Operations

and Policy”. The forum provides a vehicle for services to consider areas within

MAPPA practice that might require guidance and a shared approach, as well as

providing the opportunity to network and share good practice.

Work is currently being undertaken to refresh the current picture of key MAPPA contacts within all Health Boards and strengthen health links across Boards.

The Independent Review into the Delivery of Forensic Mental Health Services

The Independent Review into the Delivery of Forensic Mental Health Services

chaired by Derek Barron published its final report in February 2021. The Review

made a number of recommendations, which, if taken forward will have implications

for MAPPA partners. One MAPPA specific recommendation is for the Scottish

Government to consider the development of a more consistent way of sharing

forensic mental health expertise with MAPPA partners and other external individuals

or organisations (including other NHS services) across the country, citing the NHS

Lothian Serious Offender Liaison Services and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

STAR services as potential models for this. The Forensic Network, in conjunction with the Scottish Government, has commenced work on this. The proposed model of service, which aims to facilitate the provision of advice and support to MAPPA partners in a more consistent way across the country, is being taken forward by NHS Lothian with support provided by the Forensic Network.

Scottish Government continues to progress a programme of work to deliver the commitments made in response to the Review, aligning with the finalisation of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Delivery Plan. Following this, consideration will be given to communicating the planned next steps for this work to key stakeholders.



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