Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme: capital projects - March 2024

Information on the projects which have received funding through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

Fair Isle Unified Low Carbon Electricity Storage and Generation Project

Project Organisation:

Fair Isle Electricity Company

Technology type(s):

Wind turbines, PV solar array, energy storage system, new high voltage system, new diesel generators for back-up power and control system


Fair Isle

Grant value:

£1.5 million

Completion date:

October 2018

Project description:

The following technologies were installed on Fair Isle alongside back-up diesel generators: three new 60kW class type 1 wind turbines; three new solar PV arrays with combined total peak output of 45kW; battery storage and flywheel; new high voltage system; new diesel generators to provide back-up power and redundancy; control system and associated ancillaries. The project serves several users such as Fair Isle Bird Observatory, Scottish Water Treatment Works and Fair Isle Airport and Harbour. Previously, residents relied solely on the diesel system which switched off at night. The project has provided the 55 residents of Fair Isle with stable 24-hour power since the system went live in October 2018.


Email: HeatNetworkFund@gov.scot

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