Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme: capital projects - March 2024

Information on the projects which have received funding through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

Mackie's Limited Low Carbon Biomass / Absorption Chilling Refrigeration System Project

Project Organisation:


Technology type(s):

Biomass boiler and absorption chiller


Westertown Farm, Aberdeenshire

Grant value:


Predicted completion date:

May 2024

Project description:

The project will install a low carbon, energy efficient absorption chilling system using ammonia, a natural refrigerant gas, and heat from connected biomass boilers. The effect is one of ‘chilling with heat’. It is anticipated that the system will reduce Mackie’s of Scotland’s refrigeration-related electricity needs by up to 80%. This is Scotland’s first fully working and commercial sized biomass/absorption chilling demonstrator plant, the success of which Mackie’s and the Scottish Government hope to use to demonstrate to other companies with refrigeration needs, such as the Scottish fish, meat and dairy processing industries.


Email: HeatNetworkFund@gov.scot

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