Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme: capital projects - March 2024

Information on the projects which have received funding through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

Nova Innovation REStore Demonstrator Project

Project Organisation:

Nova Innovation

Technology type(s):

Lithium-ion battery storage system and charger with switching and control system


Cullivoe Harbour, Shetland

Grant value:


Completion date:

July 2018

Project description:

The system connects an array of Tesla powerpack systems to the Nova Innovation Shetland Tidal Array and builds on top of the Nova InnovateUK Energy Storage project which trialed a similar system in a lab environment.

The new technology increased the carbon free tidal energy generation from the Shetland Tidal Array by 94,188kW per year, displacing the energy required from the diesel generating Lerwick Power Station. The technology also smooths out the output from the tidal array and is estimated to have increased energy production by 12% and provided carbon savings of approximately 82 tonnes CO2e per year.


Email: HeatNetworkFund@gov.scot

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