Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme: capital projects - March 2024

Information on the projects which have received funding through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

Dundee Low Carbon District Energy Hub

Project Organisation:

Dundee City Council

Technology type(s):

District heat network (ground source heat pumps) and solar energy array


Caird Park, Dundee

Grant value:

£3 million

Completion Date:

September 2018

Project description:

The project installed three ground source heat pumps at the Caird Park site. These heat pumps are powered by electricity generation from a gas CHP unit and provide heat to three buildings at the new Regional Performance Centre for Sport site.

A new Energy Hub was built housing the central control panel and back up gas boilers which generates 100% of its electrical energy demand. 85% of the site’s heat demand comes from renewable sources. Solar panels were placed on the roofs of the Energy Hub and new Regional Performance Centre for Sport. The solar thermal system has a heat output of 50kW. Total carbon savings are estimated at 536 tonnes CO2e per year or 13,400 tonnes CO2e over the course of the project lifetime (25 years).


Email: HeatNetworkFund@gov.scot

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