Learning/intellectual disability and autism: transformation plan

The autism and learning/intellectual disability transformation plan 'Towards Transformation' sets out to ensure that progress is made in transforming Scotland for autistic people and people with learning/intellectual disabilities.


Both autistic people and people with learning/intellectual disabilities have told us that they need accessible public health messaging to help them understand what to do to stay safe and healthy.

The places where hard copies of these documents could previously be found are closed. Web versions of easy read are only available to those with access online.

What we will do

Action 29 - In partnership with the Scottish Commission for people with Learning Disabilities (SCLD) and People First we will build on the Covid-19 experience of providing access to accessible information. This will include using SCLD's website as an accessible information hub and linking into Disability Equality Scotland's Inclusive Communication Hub.

Autistic people and people with learning/intellectual disabilities are groups who, like other groups, are not all the same. Some people identify with other protected characteristics too. We want to support people to learn from each other and develop their ability to speak up and have their voice heard in decisions about their lives, services and communities through self-advocacy and peer support.

What we will do

Action 30 - We want to empower people to have their voices heard as active citizens. Our new autism campaign– Different minds. One Scotland. –is part of trying to change the way that autistic people are understood and was built on early and successful involvement from autistic people. We will continue our work on this.

Action 31 - In partnership with Inspiring Scotland and the Scottish Commission for people with Learning Disability (SCLD), we will encourage people with lived experience to participate in a Future Leaders Programme to empower people to be active and involved in their own community. We also want to support self-advocacy initiatives like the National Involvement Network, autistic led charities and organisations, People First and the People's Assembly.

Action 32 -The Scottish Government will take specific action to engage with autistic people and also people with a learning/intellectual disability from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities to hear about their experiences and identify how we can best support and work with them.


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