Justice Analytical Services - safer communities and justice statistics monthly data report: August 2022 edition

This report contains summary statistics covering a number of important justice and safer communities statistics. It is published with up to date statistics every month

Summary statistics on hate crime

Numbers stable for police recorded hate crime. Between 2014-15 & 2019-20, the number of hate crimes recorded by the police was relatively stable, at around 6,300 to 7,000. In 2019-20, 62% of hate crimes included an aggravator for race, 20% sexual orientation, 8% religion, 4% disability and 1% transgender identity. The remaining 5% included multiple hate aggravators.

Marginal decrease in overall hate crime charges. There was a decrease in the number of charges reported to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in 2021-22 compared to 2020-21 for race and religion. Sexual orientation, disability and transgender identity aggravated hate crime charges saw an increase. Racial crime remains the most commonly reported hate crime, followed by crimes with a sexual orientation aggravator.

Annual number of charges of hate crime reported to the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service, by category of hate crime, 2003-04 to 2021-22. Last updated June 2022. Next update due June 2023.


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