Investing in Scotland's Future: resource spending review framework

This framework document launches the Scottish Government's resource spending review process. It sets the scene for the development of multi-year resource spending plans and opens our public consultation.

Annex A: Consultation Questions

Q1. In Chapter 1 we have identified three priorities to guide the Resource Spending Review process:

  • To support progress towards meeting our child poverty targets
  • To address climate change
  • To secure a stronger, fairer, greener economy

Setting these as priorities helps us consider where spend should be targeted and re-directed. Do you agree that our resource spending should focus on these?

We welcome your views on these three priorities for this Resource Spending Review.

Q2. In Chapter 2 we have identified the primary drivers of public spending over the Resource Spending Review period including:

  • Changing demographics
  • Demand on the health service
  • Public sector workforce
  • Inflation

We welcome your views on these and any other public spending drivers you think we should consider.

Q3. In Chapter 2 we have identified the growth of the public sector workforce as a key driver of public spending. How can we use policy interventions to maximise the value achieved from the public sector workforce in the effective delivery of public services, while ensuring the sector is an attractive, rewarding place to work?

We welcome your views on this.

Q4. In Chapter 3 we have identified a number of ways in which we will be exploring how to get best value out of Scotland’s public spending, including:

  • Improving cross-government collaboration
  • Public service reform
  • Prevention and invest to save initiatives
  • The public sector workforce
  • Better targeting
  • Targeted revenue raising

We welcome your views on these, and other ways to maximise the positive impact of public spending.

Q5. In Chapter 3 we have shared that we will be conducting an equality assessment of the Resource Spending Review’s findings.

We welcome your views on any particular equality and human rights impacts which we should consider in the context of the priorities (question 1) and primary drivers of public spending (question 2) we have set out.

Q6. In Chapter 3 we shared that this Resource Spending Review is taking a consultative approach to ensure that we engage with people and organisations across Scotland as we develop multi-year financial plans. Our intention is to use the Resource Spending Review to continue the Scottish conversation on public spending going forwards.

We welcome your views on how best to continue our engagement with people and organisations after the Resource Spending Review.



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