International culture strategy: survey

We are seeking views to inform the development of a strategy to support the international aspirations and potential of Scotland’s culture sector.

7. Geographies

The Scottish Government's Global Affairs Framework sets out a values-based approach to the Scottish Government's international engagement. It recognises the importance of culture to Scotland's international presence. It also recognises that there are particular geographies upon which the Scottish Government's overall international priorities and activity will be focussed.

While particular geographies may be more important destinations for Scotland's cultural exports than others, we recognise that the sector is inherently international and that international exchange is vital to cultural innovation and development. A narrow geographical focus based on SG priorities may not be appropriate and could hinder the impact and potential of the aspects of the strategy that might focus on cultural exchange or export.

However, the Scottish Government has an existing network of international offices and there may be greater opportunities to undertake activity under this strategy in those countries due to existing capacity and in-country networks. While cultural activity is central to those offices' current activities, a more strategic approach could allow for greater mutual benefit to be achieved.

Question 20: Are there particular geographies that are of greater importance to you, your organisation, or the wider sector, than others? If so, why are they of particular importance?

  • Yes, there are particular geographies of greater importance to me
  • Yes, there are particular geographies of greater importance to my organisation
  • Yes, there are particular geographies of greater importance to the wider sector
  • No, there are no particular geographies of greater importance
  • Don't know

If yes, please list which geographies are of greater importance.

Question 21: Do you think an International Culture Strategy should prioritise particular geographies?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

If yes, state why you believe certain geographies should be prioritised.



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