International culture strategy: survey

We are seeking views to inform the development of a strategy to support the international aspirations and potential of Scotland’s culture sector.

4. Vision and themes

Our working draft vision for the strategy is as follows:

The Scottish culture sector is globally connected and has the means to develop new international partnerships, markets and audiences. Domestic and international cultural activity promotes Scotland's distinctive identity, supporting and enhancing our international profile.

We have then identified four principal themes through which a strategy might be shaped. The primary themes are:

  • Cultural connections – the culture sector is inherently international. Collaboration and exchange are essential to a vibrant and innovative culture sector. The Scottish culture sector is internationally connected and recognised as an innovator both in what it does and also how it does it. Scotland's strong cultural assets provide a platform that brings the world to Scotland. In this strategy we want to explore how to support the sector to remain globally connected and enhance its international cultural connections. That might include consideration of the ways in which connections through multilateral organisations, international networks and events, diaspora and other existing international cultural infrastructure can be enhanced or a greater role played within them by Scottish institutions.
  • Economic impact – the challenges that are being felt across the economy and wider society have had a particular impact on the culture sector. Through this strategy we want to consider how international work can support the long term financial resilience and development of Scotland's culture sector through access to new markets, development of new audiences, and development of export capacity. We will assess existing barriers and consider how they can be addressed.

And following from that, secondary themes are:

  • Diplomacy – culture can be a significant element of a country's soft power. We want to consider how a strategic approach to supporting the internationalisation of Scotland's culture sector can have these wider impacts. We want to assess the ways in which culture can continue to be at the forefront of Scotland's existing public sector international infrastructure, including the Scottish Government's international offices, and how a mutually beneficial relationship can be encouraged. We will also consider whether there are ways in which Scotland's existing cultural assets might provide a platform for developing our diplomatic engagement.
  • Reputation – it is clear that culture is central to how Scotland is perceived internationally and its attractiveness as a country and a destination. It follows that an increased international presence for Scotland's cultural organisations can have a positive reputational impact. We would also like to explore views on whether cultural organisations consider themselves to have a role in promoting Scotland through their international work and, if so, in what way.

Question 6: What are your views on the vision outlined above?

Question 7: We have identified 4 themes (cultural connections, economic impact, diplomacy and reputation). How does your work connect with each of these areas?

Question 8: Are there aspects of your work that would not be captured by these themes, but you feel the strategy should recognise?



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