The Integrated Administration And Control System: explanatory booklet

Explanatory Booklet for IACS 2007.

Key Changes from 2006

  • We have requested a further breakdown of cattle and deer in the IACS (2) form to allow us to calculate stocking density more readily.
  • We have also asked for likely gathering dates for sheep to allow us to co-ordinate any possible inspections, to keep disruptions to a minimum.
  • LFASS 2007 being developed, so the SAF this year does not include the LFASS tick-box claim. A separate application form will issue once the EC has approved the scheme. However, land which you declare in your Field Data Sheets may be used to assess any entitlement you may have under LFASS 2007, so you must declare all your Scottish LFA land. You will not be able to add or amend land at a later date. Please see paragraphs 61-64 and paragraphs 97-98.
  • For 2007 only, you MUST complete the Business Status question indicating whether you are a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company.
  • Code OTH is no longer a valid code and should not be used.
  • Code WAFF has been added for Woodland and Farm Forestry.
  • Code TSB has been added for Trees, Shrubs and Bushes.
  • Code AGRI has been added for agri-environment areas under OAS, RSS, ESA, HABS or CPS.

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