The Integrated Administration And Control System: explanatory booklet

Explanatory Booklet for IACS 2007.


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108. The SAF asks for general information about you, your business and the land that you farm. In addition to the front page, there are 8 sections:

1 - SFPS Entitlement Details
2 - Land Eligibility
3 - Cross-Compliance
4 - Area Summary
5 - Other EU Schemes
6 - Payment in Euros
7 - Checklist
8 - Declarations and Undertakings


  • You must complete Sections 1-4 and 6-8 if you wish to claim for SFPS.
  • You must complete Sections 1-4 and 6-8 if you wish to claim SBCS.
  • You must complete Sections 1-4 and 6-8 if you wish to claim LMCMS.
  • You must complete Sections 5-8 if you wish to claim PCP.
  • You must complete Sections 5-8 if you wish to claim ECS.
  • You must complete Sections 5-8 if you wish to claim for NAS.

Page 1

109. We will print the contact details we hold for you on page 1. If any of these details are wrong you should fill in the Land and Business Change Form ( LBCF) in your IACS pack. More details about the business change procedures are given in the Guidance Notes in the LBCF.

110. If your SAF includes land in another country, please tick the relevant box. Do not enter details of the other country's land in the Scottish SAF or FDS. You should submit your SAF (which may consist of Scottish, English, Welsh and Northern Irish forms) to the Area Office in the country which deals with your main farm unit. Under IACS rules a business must submit only one SAF for the SFPS, SBCS, PCP, ECS and NAS. If the other country's forms are not included with the IACS pack, contact the Cross Border Unit at Galashiels Area Office ( see Annex 1 for contact details).

Section 1 - SFPS Entitlement Details

111. Your entitlements will be pre-printed in Section 1. You can activate standard and set-aside entitlements by declaring sufficient land (0.3ha) either in question 4 of the SAF or on your IACS(3) and/or IACS(4). We will activate all your entitlements when we have validated the land declared and checked that it matches your number of entitlements. If you only have special entitlements then you do not have to declare land but must sign and date the form and fill in other relevant sections, such as Cross-Compliance, to establish these entitlements. If you have a question about the entitlement information please contact your SEERAD Area Office.

Section 2 - Land Eligibility

Question 1 - Land Eligibility

112. At Question 1 fill in the date(s) you wish your 10 month occupancy to start. The 10 month period can begin at any time from 1 October 2006 to 30 April 2007. There can be two different 10 month periods for different land parcels on your holding, but the dates chosen must not overlap with the 10 month dates selected for the land in 2006. These will be pre-printed on your form. Y ou must complete at least one date. Use only box number 1 if notifying us of a single start date.

Question 2 - Common Grazing

113. Enter details of any Common Grazing(s) in which you have a share. Do not enter details of common grazing shares on your IACS(3)s. For each Common Grazing, enter:

  • The name of the Common Grazing;
  • The code number(s) of the grazing, if known;
  • The name of your croft;
  • Your stated share, which must be after any reduction in your souming or entitlement made as a consequence of apportionments granted to you.

We will use the information to calculate your share of the eligible area of the Common Grazing, and will credit you with this amount. We will write to inform you of the credited area.

[ Note - The information shown above at paragraph 113 has been updated and supercedes the information shown in the printed IACS(1). It is not necessary to enter a unique field identifier].

Section 3 - Cross-Compliance

114. Cross-Compliance applies to all land and animals in an agricultural business. We need details of the livestock on your holding on 1 March 2007. Identify which species are on your farm at any time in 2007 and tick the relevant box. Enter the numbers present on 1 March 2007.

Section 4 - Area Summary

115. Enter a summary of your total claim under SFPS for the compatible crops shown in Annex 2. Do this by totalling entries in column J of the IACS(3) and IACS(4) for each individual crop group. Exclude any common grazing. Separate totals are required for LFA and Non- LFA land. Also enter the sub-total of areas for flax, hemp and the various types of set-aside, that is, normal, non-food, and structural set-aside from the entries in column J. A total for other land entered - column L should also be entered.

Section 5 - Other EU Schemes

116. Enter the total areas for PCP, ECS or NAS if you are claiming for these in 2007 by adding together all the areas of proteins, energy crops and nuts entered in columns J and L of your IACS(3) and IACS(4).

  • Protein Crop Premium

If you are claiming this supplement in 2007, enter a summary of the LFA and Non- LFA areas claimed as proteins in the Field Data Sheets.

  • Energy Crops Scheme

If you are claiming aid under the Energy Crops Scheme, enter a summary of the LFA and Non- LFA areas claimed in the Field Data Sheets.

  • Nuts Aid Scheme

If you are claiming aid under the Nuts Aid Scheme, enter a summary of the LFA and Non- LFA areas claimed in the Field Data Sheets.

Section 6 - Payment in Euros

117. Complete Question 6 by ticking the relevant box if you wish your SFPS, SBCS, PCP, ECS and NAS paid in Euros. We will obtain the relevant bank information by asking you to complete a EUROS BACS form. This account must be separate from your existing account.

Note - You have until 30 June to confirm whether or not you wish to be paid in Euros.

Section 7 - Checklist (Questions 7-9)

118. This section lists the supporting documents that you need to provide with your application. Enter the number of documents you have attached in the boxes on this page. Check the list carefully. If you do not provide all necessary documents, we may not be able to accept your SAF and you may lose some or all of your entitlement to aid. Check that each supporting document shows your name (or the applicant's name, if signed by an agent), your signature and your main holding number.

Section 8 - Declarations and Undertakings

119. Read the declarations and undertakings carefully before you sign the form. All applicants must be over 16 years of age. All applications must be signed by the applicant or by an agent authorised in writing (see paragraph 16). Show your status in the box provided, for example applicant, applicant's agent, company secretary, partner etc. Do not sign the form using the business name. If you are an agent applying on behalf of the farmer, check that you have the necessary authorisation to sign this year's form. If not, ensure that a separate written authorisation is provided (form AA1). If the application is made on behalf of an IACS group (for example a number of legally separate businesses that are treated as a single business for IACS purposes), ensure that the representative who signs the SAF has the necessary written authority to act for each of the legally separate businesses within the IACS group. For 2007 only, you MUST complete the Business Status question indicating whether you are a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company.

Subsequent Action

120. When you have completed and signed your IACS(2), IACS(3) and IACS(4) forms, attach the IACS(3)s and IACS(4)s securely to your IACS(2) and return the forms to your SEERAD Area Office with any completed LBCFs. Remember to include your LMCMS(2) by 15 May 2007 if you are claiming under the LMCMS. Make sure we receive all your forms by 15 May 2007. You can keep copies of the documents you provide as an aid to completing your June agricultural census return. For all IACS schemes, you must keep relevant records for 4 years from the end of the calendar year in which you made your claim.

121. You can submit your forms electronically if you have access to the Internet. For further information on how to use the electronic system, visit our website phone the SEERAD Online Helpdesk on 0845 601 7597.

You may also use printouts of your own computer generated Field Data Sheets, provided:

  • They have exactly the same layout and headings as shown on the IACS(3)s and IACS(4)s;
  • They are easy to read and photocopy; and
  • They are signed and dated on each sheet.

Note - A computer generated Single Application Form is NOT acceptable but you may use a printout of the Single Application Form template we provide on the Scottish Executive Internet site: .

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