Independent panel on career pathways for teachers: final report

Description of work undertaken by the group and its recommendations for the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT).

Annex C: Stakeholder Survey questions

The following questions were sent to key stakeholders in Scottish education Stakeholder. The Panel received 350 responses.

In your organisation's view, what factor/factors might influence career pathways for teachers. Stakeholders were asked to rate their responses from very important to irrelevant.

  • Attractiveness of leadership roles
  • Attractiveness of promoted post
  • Curricular specialisms
  • Length of service and experience gained in promoted role
  • Opportunities of sabbaticals - a period of paid leave to study or travel
  • Opportunities of secondments - temporary transfer to another job or employment
  • Opportunities to lead aspects of learning and school improvement
  • Pedagogical specialisms
  • Personal and professional commitments
  • Remuneration - increased salary linked to promotion
  • Requirement for higher qualifications linked to level of promotion

Please comment on why you answered how you did.

Please select what opportunities your organisation thinks are important to allow the development of career pathways for teachers? You may select more than one option.

  • Career break
  • Masters level learning
  • Masters level qualifications
  • On the job development
  • Personal and professional learning opportunities
  • Placements outside education
  • Sabbaticals - a period of paid leave for study or travel
  • Secondments - temporary transfer to another job or employment
  • Temporary responsibility opportunities
  • Other

Are there other international examples out with Scotland that you think the Panel could learn from? (See Literature Review for some example case studies)



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