Independent panel on career pathways for teachers: final report

Description of work undertaken by the group and its recommendations for the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT).

Annex D: Case Studies

Case study 1

Rahiba started as an 18 year and went straight from school to study primary teaching at an undergraduate level.

Career Pathway case study 1

Case Study 2

Fiona is in her late 30's and has an undergraduate honours degree in Physics, she worked in the oil industry for 10 years and enrolled in one of the new routes into teaching.

Career Pathways case study 2

Case Study 3

Fraser is in his late 20's and has an undergraduate degree in History and Politics. He entered his PGDE Primary programme straight after his undergraduate degree. He lives and teachers in a rural location.

Career Pathways case study 3

Case Study 4

Sam is in his late 40's and decided on a career change. He entered his masters programme after a career in journalism.

Career Pathway case study 4



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