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Health and social care staff experience: report 2019

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in Health and Social Care.

3 Feb 2020
Health and social care staff experience: report 2019

Staff satisfaction remains high and staff engagement levels have increased from 2018. As we know, positive staff experience supports improved care for our patients. There is always room for improvement though, and we expect all senior leaders and managers across the service to consider the report’s findings carefully and take action where needed.

the overall response rate rose to 62%, up 3% on the previous year.
iMatter results are directly reported at team, directorate and organisational level. Teams are then invited to develop an action plan within a 12-week period and to review actions and progress made throughout the year. In 2019, there was a 2% increase in the number of action plans in place within 12 weeks of receiving the iMatter results.