Health and social care staff experience: report 2017

This report presents the 2017 national iMatter results together with national Dignity at Work survey results.


Employers in Health and Social Care are committed to improving patient and public services through enhancing staff experience. The work to measure and report staff experience in Health and Social Care in 2017 was commissioned by the Scottish Government and carried out by Webropol Ltd, an independent company.

The findings from this report will be used by a range of stakeholders, including:

  • Individual organisations (Health Boards and local authorities)
  • The Scottish Government
  • Partnership Groups such as the Scottish Partnership Forum (SPF) and the Scottish Workforce and Staff Governance Committee (SWAG)

The iMatter questionnaire was rolled out over a three year period from 2015 - 2017 to all staff across NHSScotland and 23 Health & Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) that chose to participate. 2017 was the first year entire organisations participated and a distribution calendar was established and agreed with the organisations.

The fieldwork for the Dignity at Work Survey was conducted between 6 and 27 November 2017. As with the previous national Staff Survey, all members of staff across NHSScotland were invited to participate. Given the increasing engagement of local authority staff working in Health & Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) in iMatter, and the desire to drive the integration agenda, those HSCPs who had chosen to participate in iMatter were also offered the opportunity to participate in the Dignity at Work Survey.

The following background and context to this work has been provided by the Scottish Government.


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