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Health and social care staff experience: report 2017

This report presents the 2017 national iMatter results together with national Dignity at Work survey results.

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101 page PDF

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Health and social care staff experience: report 2017
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101 page PDF

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iMatter Report 2017
The purpose of the iMatter Questionnaire
Data Collection
Response Rates and Employee Engagement Index Score ( EEI)
iMatter Results 2017
Staff Governance Standard – Strand Scores
Experience as an individual
My Team / My Direct Line Manager
My Organisation
Overall, working within my organisation is a ...
EEI numbers for teams within Health and Social Care
iMatter Response Rates, EEI & Action Plans 2017 per Organisation
iMatter Results Comparison per Organisation
iMatter Report of EEI scores for teams per Organisation
iMatter Components Report
“People Make Change Happen” – iMatter Team Stories
Team stories themes

Dignity at Work Survey 2017
Purpose of the Survey
About the Survey
Data Collection
Response Rates
Dignity at Work Survey 2017 Results
Comparison to Previous Years
Results by Staff and Demographic grouping

Themes from iMatter and Dignity at Work Survey

Appendix 1: iMatter Background
Types of Questions
Calculation of NHSEEI

Appendix 2: Staff Experience Framework

Appendix 3: Mapping Staff Governance Standard

Appendix 4: Dignity at Work Background
Types of Survey Questions
Percentage of Positive Responses
Calculation of Responses

Appendix 5: Breakdown of Demographic Questions

Appendix 6: Dignity at Work Survey Comparison table