Health and Care Experience Survey 2021/22: National Results

The Health and Care Experience Survey asks about people’s experiences of

accessing and using their GP practice and Out of Hours services;

aspects of care and support provided by local authorities and other organisations; and caring responsibilities and related support.

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1. NHS Scotland performance against LDP standards

2. Those who had not attended the GP practice named in the last twelve months or attend a different GP practice were asked to skip questions on the GP practice and move on to the next section.

3. The OOH period is defined as: the period beginning at 6.30 pm from Monday to Thursday and ending at 8.00 am the following day; the period between 6.30 pm on Friday and 8.00 am the following Monday; and Christmas Day, New Year's Day and other public or local holidays.

4. It is important to note that when someone's care is partly or entirely funded by a public sector organisation it might have been provided by the public sector, third (voluntary) sector, private sector, or a combination.

5. Mid-2020 Population Estimates Scotland

6. Health and Care Experience Survey: materials

7. Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2020

8. Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification 2016



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