Health and Care Experience Survey

Survey asking about people’s experiences of GP practices and other local health and care services.


The Health and Care Experience Survey (successor to the GP and Local NHS Services Patient Experience Survey) asks about people’s experiences of:

  • accessing and using their GP practice and Out of Hours services
  • aspects of care and support provided by local authorities and other organisations
  • caring responsibilities and related support

The survey has been run every two years since 2009.

2021 Health and Care Experience Survey

Access the Health and Care Experience 2021 questionnaire.


Fieldwork for the 2021 Health and Care Experience Survey has begun. A random sample of people from each GP practice in Scotland have been selected to complete the 2021 Health and Care Experience Survey and will be contacted in November 2021. They will receive a letter that tells them how to complete the survey via the Scotland Care Experience Survey questionnaire and answers some frequently asked questions about the survey. If you have been sent an invitation to complete this survey please do so. We are keen to hear your experiences of local health and care services, and your views help inform local and national services.


Access the 2021 Health and Care Experience questionnaire on the Scotland Care Experience Survey Programme website.

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