Health and Care Experience Survey 2021/22: National Results

The Health and Care Experience Survey asks about people’s experiences of

accessing and using their GP practice and Out of Hours services;

aspects of care and support provided by local authorities and other organisations; and caring responsibilities and related support.

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1. Key Findings

Over 130,000 individuals registered with a GP practice in Scotland responded to the 2021/22 Health and Care Experience Survey, giving an overall response rate of 24%. The survey asked about people's experiences, during the previous 12 months, of accessing and using their GP practice and other local healthcare services; receiving care, support and help with everyday living; and caring responsibilities. The main results from the 2021/22 survey, compared to the 2019/20 survey, are:

The GP Practice

  • Overall Care provided by GP practice
    • 67% positive
    • 12% down
  • Easy to contact GP practice in the way that they want to
    • 75% positive
    • 10% down
  • If they need to see or speak to a doctor / nurse quite urgently, seen within 2 working days
    • 85% positive
    • 1% down

Recent Treatment or Advice from the GP Practice

  • Received most of their treatment or advice from a doctor
    • 68% respondents
    • 6% down
  • Received most of their treatment or advice from a nurse
    • 24% respondents
    • 4% up
  • Received a face to face appointment at their GP practice
    • 37% respondents
    • 49% down
  • Received a telephone appointment with their GP practice
    • 57% respondents
    • 46% up

Out of Hours Care

  • Overall experience of care received from an NHS service when GP practice was closed
    • 67% positive
    • 12% down

Care, Support and Help with Everyday Living

  • Overall experience of help, care or support with everyday living
    • 62% positive
    • 7% down
  • Treated with compassion and understanding
    • 70% positive
    • 6% down

Experiences of Carers

  • Look after or provide regular help or support to others
    • 18% respondents
    • 4% up
  • Feel supported to continue care
    • 30% positive
    • 5% down



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