Health and Care Experience Survey 2021 to 2022: additional analysis

Additional analysis covering equalities characteristics and variations in experiences of general practice.

The national results from the Health and Care Experience Survey 2021 to 2022 were published in May 2022.

We are now publishing the following additional analysis:

Equality characteristics

This is an additional analysis presenting the survey results main headlines figures broken down by the characteristics of the respondents.

See attached Excel spreadsheet.

Variations in experience data

This analysis explores variations in the experiences of general practice for different groups of people, contexts, and health consultations.

The three factors with the largest effect on the likelihood of rating overall care positively are:

  • mode of consultation (face to face, at-home visits, videocall etc.)
  • people‚Äôs ability to look after their own health
  • healthcare professional giving treatment or advice

Read the full variations in experience analysis report online at the website.


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