Updated Good Practice Guidance for use by all practitioners working with children, young people and families affected by substance use

Appendix 6

A Learning and Development Programme Approach

It is suggested that training around problem substance use section is designed using the Programme Approach outlined in the Scottish Government Training Framework for Child Protection. These are highlighted below along with some examples of what may be included:

Programme 1 - Awareness Raising

  • An Introduction to Child Protection
  • Basic Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Programme 2 - Foundation

  • Getting Our Priorities Right/Hidden Harm training
  • Substance Misuse and Mental Health
  • Substance Misuse and Domestic Abuse
  • Substance Misuse and Blood Borne Viruses

Programme 3 - Assessment and Intervention

  • Getting Our Priorities Right for Supervisors and Managers
  • Risk Assessment

Programme 4 - Advanced and Specialist

  • Certificate in Drug and Alcohol studies (various HE Institutions)
  • Graduate Certificate in Child Welfare and Protection
  • Training for Trainers
  • Focus on improving outcomes
  • Use an approach involving the decentralisation of decision-making, integration of effort and resources and committed engagement within local communities
  • Build on the increasing strong partnership arrangements.


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