It's Our Future - Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment: report

Final report of the Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment in Scotland.

Appendix 9.7 Review Phases and Published Resources

Phases of the Review

There were three phases to the Review and three points at which comments and views from stakeholders were sought

  • Phase One: summer 2022 - consultation on Vision and Principles
  • Phase Two: October 2022 - public consultation on Options for Change
  • Interim Report: early March 2023
  • Phase Three: March 2023 - engagement on a preferred model
  • Final report: submitted to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills by the end of May 2023

Phase One: Draft Vision statement and Principles

Phase One of the Review was live between August and September 2022. Phase One sought views on a draft Vision statement and Principles. Responses were received from 12 Collaborative Community Groups and 2 allied discussion groups. A total of 221 responses were received from a survey sent to schools and colleges. A number of schools and colleges held group discussions with multiple teachers/lecturers and learners, and these responses were submitted on behalf of the group. The feedback from phase One has been independently analysed.

Read the associated report (December 2022).

Phase Two: Exploring options for the future of Qualifications and Assessment

Phase two of the Review opened in October 2022 and the Review held a public consultation which closed on 13 January 2023. Views were gathered on different ways on which the Vision and Principles might be put into practice. It also included the opportunity to suggest other approaches. The purpose of Phase Two was to identify a preferred model for qualifications and assessment.

The public consultation received over 700 responses, but we know that a great many of these responses, in particular those from schools and colleges, involved group discussions and therefore the total number of individuals who participated in the consultation was far greater than this. We have published all consultation responses where permission to do so has been granted, alongside a final independent report of the consultation analysis.

Phase Two supporting documents

Alternate formats

This document is also available in Gaelic

Interim Report

In the Interim Report we engaged with stakeholders from all corners of the Scottish Education landscape; learners, parents /carers, teachers and lecturers, school and college leaders, employers, policy makers, national bodies, politicians, wider practitioners, researchers (national and international) and universities. Insights from the wide range of communities involved in this Review have informed thinking to date and act as a major source of evidence for this Interim Report.

Alternate formats

This document is also available in Gaelic

This document is also available as a British Sign Language video.

Phase Three: Testing the preferred model

  • Phase Three took place during March and April 2023. The aim of Phase Three was to test the preferred model for qualifications and assessment identified in Phase Two and in the Interim report. We sought views on a proposed approach and the practical steps that would be needed for implementation to be successful. During Phase Three the Review took into account relevant findings from the National Discussion on Education.

Phase Three briefing paper

Engagement via schools and colleges

  • Materials were issued to all Scottish schools, colleges and alternative educational settings, reflecting each of the three phases of the Review, they were invited to lead discussions within their own communities throughout the Review period.

Phase Three schools college pack



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