It's Our Future - Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment: report

Final report of the Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment in Scotland.

Appendix 9.4 Independent Review Group (IRG)

List of membership:

Those for whom qualifications matter most


  • Beinn Grant (Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament)
  • Ruby Cardie (Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament)
  • Supported by Mo Whelton, member of staff from the Scottish Youth Parliament


  • Cheryl Burnett (National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS))
  • Barrie Sheppard and John Semple (NPFS)
  • Eileen Prior from May 2022 until March 2023, then Patrick McGlinchey from March until May 2023 (Connect)

Design, development and delivery of qualifications

Teachers and lecturers

  • Andrea Bradley (General Secretary, EIS Union)
  • Peter Bain (Headteacher)
  • Andrew Findlater (Principal Teacher)

Design and development

  • Douglas Hutchison (Local government)
  • Dr Gill Stewart (SQA)
  • Martyn Ware (SQA)
  • Aileen Ponton from May 2022 until December 2022, then Pauline Radcliffe from January until May 2023 (SCQF, National qualifications alignment)

Informing the process: research base

  • Professor Chris Chapman (University of Glasgow) - the process of change
  • Dr Joseph Smith (University of Stirling) - advised by Professor Mark Priestley (University of Stirling) - curriculum
  • Professor Jo-Anne Baird (University of Oxford) - qualifications
  • Dr Edward Sosu (Strathclyde University) - inclusion and equity

Informing the process: policy base

  • Professor Ken Muir (University of the West of Scotland) Putting - Learners at the Centre (2022)
  • Professor Gordon Stobart (University of Oxford) - Upper-secondary education student assessment in Scotland (2021)
  • Professor Graham Donaldson (University of Glasgow) - Curriculum for Excellence/Teaching Scotland’s Future (2010)

Those who use qualifications

  • Business/industry – Tracy Black (CBI) - Employers
  • Professor Ken Thomson (Forth Valley College) - Further Education
  • Professor Jonathan Powles (University of the West of Scotland) - Higher Education



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