Social Security Scotland: framework document

Sets out the detailed accountability and governance framework for Social Security Scotland, and the context for the Agency's relationship with Scottish Ministers and core Scottish Government Directorates.

Management Arrangements, Human Resources and Pay Policy

74. The Agency complies with the Public Sector Pay Policy for Staff Pay Remits.

75. Agency staff are civil servants and employed under Scottish Government Main Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions. As part of this, the Agency will also be participating in a Shared Service agreement with Scottish Government People Directorate. The terms of this agreement will see the Agency continuing to align HR policies with, and being part of, the Scottish Government Main pay bargaining unit. Should the Agency employ staff under a COSOP [9] transfer from DWP, and the staff involved wish to retain their previous employer's Terms and Conditions, the Agency will comply with Scottish Government People Directorate polices to manage this.

76. The Senior Civil Service ( SCS) is reserved to the UK Government. SCS pay will be in line with the UK Cabinet Office pay and performance management framework.

77. All Agency staff comply with the Scottish Government Civil Service Code which sets out the core values of the Scottish Civil Service and the standards expected of civil servants. In addition, the Agency complies with the Civil Service Management Code which sets out the rules and principles that must be adhered to in civil servants' terms and conditions of service.

78. The Agency is responsible for the provision of all its resourcing requirements including the recruitment of its staff, in partnership with Scottish Government People Directorate. Agency recruitment will adhere to the Civil Service Commissioners' Recruitment Principles, the Civil Service Management Code, and Scottish Government Main Resourcing Policy.

79. The Agency is responsible for promoting and supporting effective employee relations and, where appropriate, consulting with recognised Civil Service Trade Unions in line with any local Partnership Agreement or the overarching Partnership Agreement that exists between the Permanent Secretary and the Council of Scottish Government Unions.

80. The Chief Executive is responsible for the development of Agency staff and the Agency will have appropriate staff development resources to ensure that all Agency staff have access to appropriate learning and career development activities.

81. The Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring that appropriate promotion arrangements are in place. Sharing SG Main Terms and Conditions means that Agency staff are eligible for promotion opportunities within the Scottish Government Main and vice versa. In addition, Agency staff are able to apply for opportunities with other Scottish Government bodies who have signed up to the 'common citizenship arrangements' [10] before these are advertised to the wider Civil Service.

82. The Agency's risks, including public and employer liability, are carried in line with the Scottish Government's policy on insurance. The Chief Executive keeps SG Finance informed of the level of any contingent liabilities, including where possible an assessment of their values. Where appropriate, he or she reports contingent liabilities to the Scottish Parliament, seeking prior approval where appropriate, in line with the SPFM.

83. The responsibility for health and safety management lies with the Chief Executive, in line with current health and safety legislation, guidance and best practice. Assurances on health and safety management may be sought by the Occupational Health and Safety Branch of the Scottish Government.

84. The Chief Executive, with regard to the requirements of efficient government and value for money, keeps the provision of support services under review as part of ensuring best value in all aspects of the Agency's operations. This includes the use of shared service arrangements where participation offers value for money for the Agency or to the wider public purse. The Agency reports annually on the steps taken during each financial year to improve efficiency, effectiveness and economy (including details of shared services activity), under the terms of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 and the associated guidance.

85. The Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring that the Agency complies with all Scottish Government equalities policies, and all relevant equalities legislation.

86. The Agency will fully embrace the Scottish Government's equal opportunities policy with the aim of eliminating discrimination and unfair treatment on the grounds of sex, marital/civil partnership status, age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief, working pattern, caring responsibility, employment status, gender identity, or trade union membership. The Agency is an equal opportunities employer which takes pride in its organisational culture which is based on dignity, fairness and respect.

87. The Agency will support the Scottish Government's commitment to increasing the diversity of its staff to make it reflective of Scottish society, developing those staff, and ignoring all irrelevant differences. Where people share the Agency's values and are successful at interview, the Agency will make any reasonable adjustments to allow those people to join the Agency's workforce. The Agency places importance on a workforce with different perspectives and skills, and values these being put to full use in the workplace.

Appointing the Chief Executive

88. The first Chief Executive of Social Security Scotland is the Executive Director of the Social Security Directorate's Agency Implementation Division.

89. The Chief Executive is a civil servant and is subject to the Civil Service Code. The post of Chief Executive may be filled by a managed move within the Civil Service, in the same way as any other senior management position within the Scottish Government, or it may be filled by open competition in line with the Civil Service Commission Recruitment Principles.

90. The arrangements for appointing a Chief Executive are managed by the Senior Staff Team within the Scottish Government's People Directorate in line with the process for SCS recruitments. A managed move process will be taken forward by the Senior Staff Team with final decisions on the appointable candidate being taken by the Director for Social Security who may be supported by another SG Director. If an external recruitment to the position of Chief Executive position requires to be undertaken, this will be overseen by a recruitment selection panel which will be chaired by the Director for Social Security. He or she will be supported by a non-executive member of the Social Security Scotland Executive Advisory Body, an SG HR representative, and either an external panel member (from out with SG and its Agencies) or another SG Director.


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