Health and work strategy: review report

The report from the review of the Scottish Government's health and work strategy.

Appendix IV

Marmot's ten dimensions of Good Work (Marmot et al, 2012[20])

1. Prevention of hazards, Safe and Secure
Free of the core features of precariousness, such as lack of stability and high risk of job loss, lack of safety measures (exposure to toxic substances, elevated risks of accidents) and the absence of minimal standards of employment protection.

2. Autonomy/Control
Enables the working person to exert some control through participatory decision-making on matters such as the place and the timing of work and the tasks to be accomplished.

3. Demanding whilst not overtaxing
Places appropriately high demands on the working person, both in terms of quantity and quality, without overtaxing their resources and capabilities and without doing harm to their physical and mental health.

4. Fair Reward
Provides fair employment in terms of earnings reflecting productivity and in terms of employers' commitment towards guaranteeing job security.

5. Development – achieves potential
Offers opportunities for skill training, learning and promotion prospects within a life course perspective, sustaining health and work ability and stimulating the growth of an individual's capabilities.

6. Non-Threatening without discrimination
Prevents social isolation and any form of discrimination and violence.

7. Employee Voice
Enables workers to share relevant information within the organisation, to participate in organisational decision-making and collective bargaining and to guarantee procedural justice in case of conflicts.

8. Work Life Balance
Aims at reconciling work and extra-work/family demands in ways that reduce the cumulative burden of multiple social roles.

9. Rehabilitating
Attempts to reintegrate sick and disabled people into full employment wherever possible by mobilising available means.

10. Health Promoting
Contributes to workers' well-being by meeting the basic psychological needs of experiencing self-efficacy, self-esteem, sense of belonging and meaningfulness.



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