Health and work strategy: review report

The report from the review of the Scottish Government's health and work strategy.

Appendix I

Health and Work Review Advisory Board Membership

Steve Bell, NHS Health Scotland

Donald Reece, NHS National Service Scotland

Gillian Brydie – Royal Bank of Scotland

Gabe Docherty – NHS Lanarkshire/Scottish Directors of Public Health

George Dodds – NHS Health Scotland

Roddy Duncan – Scottish Government

Mairi Gaffney – NHS National Services Scotland

Richard Jack - GP, Baroncourt Medical Partnership

Sarah Jones – Health & Safety Executive

Mark Kennedy – NHS Lanarkshire/Salus Occupational Health

Susan Love – Federation of Small Businesses

Brian McDermott - Marshall Construction

Ewan Macdonald – University of Glasgow

Lesley McGeoch – Royal Bank of Scotland

John McGurk – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Donna McLeod – Beatson Health & Work Service,

Helen Martin – Scottish Trade Union Congress

Adam Reid – Scottish Government

Liam Slaven - Patient Representative

Margaret Taylor - Patient Representative

John Wood – COSLA

Janice Woodburn – Patient Representative



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