New Rural Support Scheme development - evidence: outputs summary

This synthesis report covers twelve written reports providing evidence reviews, analysis, summaries and expert briefings on agriculture in Scotland to shape future policy to help deliver sustainable food production that tackles climate change and nature restoration.


1. The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (

2. Statement by Scottish Ministers in exercise of UK Withdrawal Act

3. UK Common Frameworks - GOV.UK (

4. United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020 (

5. Subsidy Control Act 2022 (

6. Agriculture Reform Implementation Oversight Board - (

7. Duthie, C-A., Vigors, B., Akaichi, F., Miller, G., Newbold, J. and Eory, V. (2022) Methane Inhibiting Livestock Feed Supplements: Review of Net Impacts, Barriers to Success and Consumer Acceptance. A report to Defra.

8. 'Feed Supplement' is used here as a generic term including products regulated as either Feed Materials or Feed Additives.



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