Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision - Implementation Framework and Plan 2014-15

This document contains the framework and first implementation plan for delivering Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision. It sets out five prioirites for action by NHS Boards and the support they will be given.

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4. The implementation framework

4.1 The framework

A great deal of work is needed over the next seven years to deliver Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision. It will require a continuous process of planning, implementation and progress reviews. The table below provides an overview of the framework.

Implementation plans

Annual implementation plans will build on each other up to 2020 and will encourage a continuous improvement approach.

Some actions will be taken forward at a national level and others locally by Health Boards, through engagement and co-production with those who deliver or are involved in the delivery of health care.

Priorities for action

Priority actions will be identified and will be supported by project plans with key milestones for delivery. The priorities are:

  • Healthy organisational culture
  • Sustainable workforce
  • Capable workforce
  • Integrated workforce
  • Effective leadership and management.

Monitoring and reporting arrangements

Progress will be monitored locally through relevant reporting arrangements. Progress will also be monitored nationally through the Local Delivery Planning (LDP) process, along with results from the staff survey and staff governance monitoring arrangements. Workforce Plans may also be used to help monitor progress.

Progress will be reported to the Everyone Matters Implementation Group and the Health and Social Care Management Board.

Governance arrangements

The Everyone Matters Implementation Group will be responsible for producing the annual implementation plans. The Group will report to the Health and Social Care Management Board and this will contribute to the wider discussion about joined-up planning for workforce, finance, service, IT and capital infrastructure to deliver the 2020 Vision.

4.2 Implementation plans

A series of annual implementation plans will build on each other until 2020. This first implementation plan covers the 2014-15 financial year. The next plan will be published in November 2014, around the same time as the LDP guidance. Each year, adjustments will be made to ensure that work is on track and continues to support the 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care.

In keeping with the commitment to engagement and co-production, staff and stakeholders will continue to be involved in shaping and informing the actions that are being planned and in reviewing progress. Responses to the early engagement and consultation will continue to inform future implementation plans, and additional techniques, such as focus groups, may be used to support the planning process. The process will also build on well-developed partnership arrangements at both national and local level involving the Scottish Government, NHSScotland employers, trades unions and professional organisations.

4.3 Priorities for action

The commitments in Everyone Matters have been grouped into five areas which represent the long-term priorities for delivering the workforce vision. A matrix showing how the commitments have been grouped is available from the workforce vision website (www.workforcevision.scot.nhs.uk). The priorities may evolve over time to reflect current and emerging issues as the need to address them increases.

Each annual implementation plan will focus on a small number of actions in support of each priority. These actions are expected to commence during the period of the plan. For completeness, work already planned or underway will be referred to but not detailed in the plans.

4.4 Monitoring and reporting arrangements

Progress will be monitored through Local Delivery Plans (LDPs), supported by the Staff Governance monitoring arrangements and results from staff surveys. The Annual Review process will also have a role to play in taking stock of progress.

Annual monitoring and reporting cycle

Annual monitoring and reporting cycle

NHS Boards are expected to use existing monitoring information, staff survey results, inspection and audit reports, and other sources of intelligence, including feedback from patients and service users, to inform local plans and actions.

A high-level review of progress against the previous year's priority actions will be produced by the Scottish Government each year. Progress against the implementation plan priorities will be reported to key stakeholder groups and to the Health and Social Care Management Board.

4.5 Governance arrangements

The Everyone Matters Implementation Group will be responsible for producing annual implementation plans and reporting progress to the Health and Social Care Management Board.

The table below sets out the key organisations responsible for delivering Everyone Matters along with their high-level responsibilities.



NHS Boards

  • Implementing specific actions locally
  • Working in partnership with others responsible for delivering integrated health care services, including Health and Social Care Partnerships
  • Supporting/leading specific actions across NHSScotland in partnership with others
  • Monitoring and reporting on local progress
  • Engaging with staff to secure their involvement and support

The Scottish Government

  • Developing and publishing annual implementation plans
  • Leading on specific national actions and commissioning solutions
  • Ensuring robust governance arrangements are in place
  • Measuring and monitoring progress across NHSScotland
  • Working in partnership with stakeholders to secure their support


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