Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision - Implementation Framework and Plan 2014-15

This document contains the framework and first implementation plan for delivering Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision. It sets out five prioirites for action by NHS Boards and the support they will be given.

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2. Executive summary

The Route Map to the 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care[2] focuses on improving quality and making measurable progress towards high quality, sustainable health and social care services in Scotland. It describes Scotland's record of excellence in healthcare, the challenges we face over the next 10 years, and identifies 12 priority areas for improvement. Workforce is one of the 12 priority areas for improvement identified in the Route Map.

In June 2013, Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision was launched by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing. It recognises the key role the workforce will play in responding to the challenges that NHSScotland is facing, and in improving patient care and overall performance.

Everyone Matters sets out the values that are shared across NHSScotland and asks everyone who works here to live these values and demonstrate professionalism in the way they work. Boards have already been asked to make early progress in embedding the core values.

Over the next seven years, all Boards are expected to deliver the commitments set out in Everyone Matters. Boards are expected to engage with staff, stakeholders and partner organisations in planning and delivering this work.

The arrangements for delivering Everyone Matters are set out in the implementation framework and plan.

The implementation framework outlines the arrangements for planning and monitoring progress which includes a series of annual implementation plans setting out the priorities and supporting actions. Progress will be monitored through Local Delivery Plans (LDPs) and Boards are expected to use existing monitoring information, local intelligence and feedback to inform local plans and actions. Progress will be reported to key stakeholder groups and to the Health and Social Care Management Board.

The implementation plan sets out the actions that will be carried out locally and nationally during 2014-15. These are the minimum actions that need to begin during the year and Boards are encouraged to start this work as soon as possible. An indicative timeline shows which of these actions Boards are expected to complete during the first year.

The table opposite summarises the five priorities for action in 2014-15.


2014-15 focus

Healthy organisational culture

By developing and sustaining a healthy organisational culture, Boards will create the conditions for high quality health and social care. The focus this year is on embedding the shared values in everything we do.

Sustainable workforce

The health workforce will need to change to match new ways of delivering services and new ways of working. We need to ensure that people with the right skills, in the right numbers, are in the right jobs. We also need to promote the health and well-being of the existing workforce and prepare them to meet future service needs. Strengthening workforce planning is identified as one of the early actions.

Capable workforce

All staff need to be appropriately trained and have access to learning and development to support the Quality Ambitions and 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care. The focus this year is on ensuring that development reviews/appraisals are meaningful, providing fair access to learning and development for support staff, and building capacity and capability to improve the quality of what we do.

Integrated workforce

We need to make sure that the workforce is more joined-up across primary and secondary care, across Boards and with partners across health and social care. The focus this year is on developing the right conditions for an integrated workforce.

Effective leadership and management

Managers and leaders are part of the workforce and have a key role to play in driving service and culture change. They also need to be valued, supported and developed. This year, the focus is on supporting and developing line managers, particularly their people skills.

Further information to support the implementation framework and plan is available on the workforce vision website (www.workforcevision.scot.nhs.uk). In keeping with the commitment to continuous engagement, visitors to the site will have an opportunity to provide comments or suggestions about the implementation process and the priorities.


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