Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Near Me video consulting service: evaluation 2020 - main report

This report presents the findings of an external evaluation of the rapid scaling-up of the Near Me video consultation service across health and care services in Scotland during 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


1. Health and Social Care Partnerships bring together Local Authorities and local Health Boards to plan and deliver integrated adult community health, including primary care, and social care services, including services for older people.

2. See previous evaluation of Near Me for more background [1]

3. Diagram from NHS Scotland National Video Conferencing Service website

4. Diagram from NHS Scotland National Video Conferencing Service website

5. Microsoft (MS) Teams is a secure communication (video, messaging, file sharing) tool, which forms part of the Office 365 software package used by NHS Scotland. As part of the contingency measures in place to address the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the planned rollout of MS Teams was accelerated.

6. Adult Social Care Winter Preparedness Plan, 2020-2021

7. Secure Video Technology connecting patients, families and clinical teams for improved diagnostic management and enhanced family-focused care

8. Care Inspectorate news release - August 2020

9. Connecting Scotland is a Scottish Government initiative set up in response to COVID-19 to help get every citizen online though technology provision and education

10. Balint approach means psychodynamic conversation oriented to exploring the patient's unvoiced concerns

11. A pulse oximeter is a small device placed on the finger to measure oxygen in the blood

12. Clinical speciality guidance documents available on the TEC website

13. Patient information and resources

14. Improving the use of Near Me video consulting in GP practices



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